WAM Systems Lab Team 2021-22

WAM Generations

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Janise McNair

Current Ph.D. Students

  • Keerthiraj Nagaraj
    PhD Candidate, Research Assistant
  • Dennis Agnew
    UF Graduate School Preeminence Fellow and L3Harris Fellow
  • Pavan Mangipudi
    Research Assistant
  • Kyle Morman
    Collaborating, PhD student advised by Aaron Costin, Smart Construction Informatics Lab, M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management.
  • Haotian Yue
  • Sharon Boamah, Motorola Endowed Fellowship
  • Reynold Mathieu, Florida Power and Light (FPL)

Current M.S. Students

  • Alvaro de Aguila

Current Undergraduate Research Studies

  • Quadri Abiru, Food Safety Digital Twin REU
  • Johnny Nguyen
  • Christian Walk
  • Jonathan Valdez Mendoza
  • Alex Martin

Graduated Students

Graduated PhDs

  • Allen Starke, 2020, L3Harris Technologies
  • Thiago Onofre, 2020, Post-doctoral associate, Agricultural Engineering, UF
    co-advised with Clyde Fraisse, UF-IFAS
  • Muharrem Ayar, 2017, Systems Engineer, Collins Aerospace
    co-advised with Haniph Latchman
  • Carlton Thompson, 2016, Military Intelligence, US Army National Guard
    co-advised with Haniph Latchman
  • Jing Qin, 2015, Software Engineer, Facebook
  • Corey Baker, 2015, Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky; also Co-founder 1 Degree Tech
  • Xiang Mao, 2015, Senior Software Engineer, Roku; also Co-founder Dinneract and Joyfit
  • Gokul Bhat, 2015, Senior Media Performance Engineer, Akamai
  • Jose Almodovar-Faria, 2014, Associate Professor, UAGM and Executive Director, ACTGlobal |
  • Obulapathi Challa, 2013, Founder and CEO, Eigenvectors Company
  • Paul Muri, 2013, Deputy System Manager, NASA Johnson Space Center
  • Xiaoyuan Li, 2013, Software Engineer, Google
  • Dexiang Wang, 2011, Software Engineer, Google
  • Gustavo Vejarano, 2011, Associate Professor, Loyola Marymount University
  • Dawood Al-Abri, 2008 , Assistant Professor, Sultan Qaboos University
  • Yuan Guo, 2006, Patent Agent, Loza & Loza
  • Kartikeya Tripathi, 2006, Director Of Analytics Research, Aclara
    co-advised with Haniph Latchman
  • Fang (Julie) Zhu, 2005, Program Manager, Apple


Graduated Thesis Students

MS Theses

BS-Honors Theses

  • Alvaro de Aguila, Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería – ICAI (ICAI School of Engineering), 2020
  • Victor Gonzalez, 2013, Sales Engineer, Samsara (IoT Company)
  • Ciro Luysterburg, Summa Cum Laude, 2011; Lead Engineer, Exxon Mobile
  • Nick Tseng, B.S., Magna Cum Laude 2011, Solution Engineer,, inc.; also Co-founder Warehouse Innovations
  • H. Andrew Latchman, 2006

Graduated MS Researchers

  • Yi Fang, Cadence
  • Morgan Hodges, 2021, Technergetics
  • Murchhana Islam, 2020, M.S., World Fuel Services
  • Matt Ford, 2016, M.S, Harris Corporation
  • Jin Jing Pan, 2013, M.S. Microvast, Inc.
  • Ritwik Dubey, M.S., 2011, Market Data Engineer, Exegy
  • Gunjan Gupta, M.S. 2009, Test Engineer, GlobalLogic
  • Anis Mohideen, M.S. 2009, Software Engineer, Microsoft
  • Gaurav Joshi, M.S., 2009, NPO Engineer, Nokia
  • Madhan Sivakumar, 2008, Engineering Manager, Microsoft
  • Hetal Patel, M.S. 2005, Hyperion
  • Sitarama Penumetsa, M.S. 2002, CTO Candela Technologies
  • Madhavi Sreedevikutty, M.S. 2001, Engineer, Qualcomm

Graduated Undergraduate Researchers

  • Juan Rodriguez
  • Larry Rentz
  • Trevor Victoria, B.S., 2021, Honeywell, University Scholar for Undergraduate Research, 2020-2021
  • Sabrina Vega, B.S, 2019, Microsoft, Mentee and volunteer in WAM Systems Lab, 2015-2019
  • Dennis Agnew, B.S. Jackson State, 2020, Summer Research at UF (SURF) student, 2019
  • Morgan Hodges, B.S., 2020, UF, Academic Year and Summer Research, 2017-2019
  • Corey Arthur, Volunteer Research student, 2019.

Potential students interested in pursuing their M.S.thesis or Ph.D. in the areas of wireless and mobile networking, including next generation wireless systems, next generation internet, mobility management, quality of service, or medium access control protocols, should complete the provided GRA Application Form, and email the form to For the subject line, use GRA APP. You will be contacted if your interests and skills match the needs of one of our current projects.