Congratulations WAM Systems Lab Students!

Congratulations to the WAM Systems Lab graduates of 2021-2022!
Here is what WAMS lab is up to this summer…

Graduated Students
Keerthiraj Nagaraj, Ph.D. (Paolo Alto)
Dennis Agnew, M.S. (staying for Ph.D. program)
Abdulquadri Abiru, B.S. (staying for M.S. program)

Dennis Agnew (MIT Lincoln Labs)

Summer researchers
Pavan Mangipudi (SHREC-OFDM, NSF-SWIFT)
Kyle Morman (NSF-CSSI)
Reynold Mathieu (NSF-CPS Smart Grid)
Sharon Boamah (NSF-CPS Smart Grid)
Eduardo Lichtenfels Riccio (NSF-SWIFT)

Visiting researchers
ByungjooPark, Professor in Hannam University, Daejeon, Korea
Harry Garcia-Cans, Undergraduate student, University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez