Research Topics

  • Next Generation Networks
  • Next G Wireless and Mobile Systems
  • Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
  • Cognitive Networks
  • Medium Access Control
  • Mobility and Resource Management
  • Security and Authentication
  • Delay Tolerant Social Networking

Research Collaborators

Current Projects

  • Adaptive Network Management for Avoinic WDM LANs
  • Space Networking (F7-16)
    Center for High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing (CHREC)

      Completed Projects

      • Small Satellite Communications and Sensor Networking System
        National Science Foundation
      • Satellite Connectivity: Space-based Ad Hoc Networks
        NSF/IUCRC Advanced Space Technologies Research and Engineering Center
      • Cognitive Networking: A Novel Approach to Wireless Network Management
        Department of Defense (DARPA)
      • Tactical Bandwidth Booster for Seamless Communication in Hybrid Wireless Networks
        Small Tree Communications, Inc., U.S. Army
      • Small Satellite Connectivity and Deployable Mechanisms
        Lockheed Martin Corporation
      • WDM LAN Architecture Analysis, Modeling, Optimization, and Demonstration for Aerospace Platforms
        RSoft Design Group, Inc., U.S. Navy
      • Rapid Authentication for Wireless Sensor Networks
        Motorola, Inc.
      • Distributed Intersystem Authentication for Multi-Network Environments
        National Science Foundation
      • Distributed MicroSensors for Hydrogen Leak Detection
        NASA Glenn Research Center
      • Airborne Intelligent Traffic Surveillance Systems Proof of Concept Study
        Florida Department of Transportation
      • FACES Research Initiation Grant
        Georgia Institute of Technology, National Science Foundation