The Wireless And Mobile Systems Laboratory conducts studies on computer networking and communications for a variety of systems, including next generation infra-structured wireless local area and wide area networks, sensor and ad hoc networks, and special studies networks (satellite, avionic). Particular emphasis has historically been development and analysis of protocols for medium access control, security, and mobility management.

We envision a future of integrated networks that adapt and respond according to real-time parameters, such as traffic carried, users served, channel conditions, mobility, and security. This requires creating a network environment for learning and acting, based on a set of observations, as well as a tool set of inter-operable protocols evolving at all layers of computer networking. Continuing research focuses on creating novel cognitive network techniques that build upon the catalog of protocols that have been created.


Summer 2016
To Sabrina, on a successful Microsoft Summer Internship!
To Corey, beginning second year of the Presidential PostDoc program at UCSD!